"One of Europe´s most artistic groups"
The Revueca, USA

“Bringing fragility and rawness into beautiful harmony”
Lo-Fi, UK

“Maria’s vocals are pure, celestial, with a hint of innocent bliss”
Cougar Microbes, UK

“Celestial sounding”
Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music

“You can’t help but be massively impressed by the delicate and finely crafted nature of these songs, as though they are made of the finest cut glass and unique in every way.”
Listen With Monger

“Each of the eleven individual tracks on ‘We Come from the Stars’ are, in their own way, gorgeous, well-produced and reveal a band in possession of considerable powers. On the title track, the band kicks up a little groove with complicated percussion, sublime synthesizers and again, Maria Malmo’s spellbinding voice.”
Penny Black Music